Who Are We?

Let it Bee Apiary is a New Orleans based honey bee company. ย We are proudly American in everything we do.

What Do We Do?

We strive to implement traditional beekeeping techniques to help ensure quality of life for our bees. We also produce Everyday Balm, which is an all-season, multi-use balm. ย The balm is made by us in New Orleans using quality products sourced from stores right here in New Orleans. We strive to keep everything as local as possible. ย Our tins are sourced from a recycling facility based out of Nevada.

Where Are We?

Our company is based out of New Orleans, but the bees are kept on land in Southern Mississippi. ย This location provides ample nectar and pollen for our bees. It also protects them from pesticides and mosquito repellents used in metropolitan areas. Our bees mostly pollinate wild berries, Privid, Chinese Tallow, as well as, the various wild flora of the area.